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Emelia Hartford
Installs the SSM Pedal

On All Cylinders

Travis Jones used this setup to operate the clutch in his AR5 transmission swap in his 1986 Monte SS. This swap was featured in a multi-part On All Cylinders, Powered by Summit Racing Article as part of the Monte Makeover Project, an Autocross Killer in the making. [Part 2 of the pedal portion]

Dan Howe (Howehot)

"I used Bernie's, sickspeedmonte, master cylinder bracket and clutch pedal. They installed easily as instructed and worked flawlessly... Worked great and is silky smooth. I recommend this to any fellow G body builder. Now I need a second one for the El Camino." (BTW, I should also mention that Kerry Earnhardt stabbed the pedal a few times during his drive around Daytona with Dan!!)

Trent S

"Wow wow wow...what a difference Bernie. I was able to get it installed last night so I could see the difference between my old set up and the new one. It was very easy for me to swap as I have no glass, or dash in the car. The old set up was stiff, it wasn't to the point that it was undriveable, just could have gotten old real quick in any sort of traffic. I'll be honest, I was a little sceptical at first but that went away very quick after the first time I pressed the pedal in. The pedal now is firm at first and then the pressure breaks and the pedal almost falls away after that. My closest comparison would be a C6 Z06 vette clutch pedal. I would say I lost almost 50% of effort that my previous setup needed. My wife could easily drive the car if needed...(if allowed lol). Very glad I found your product and decided to give it a try."

Garrick Shyne

"The clutch is very nice! It felt as if it was born in the car! I can't thank you enough! I appreciate the time you took to design and manufacture a product that take the stress out of the manual tranny swap. I would have never even considered doing the swap until after joining the forum. Now, I have a car that is way more fun and engaging then that old automatic ever was! I thank you and for all the support you provided during the install."

Lance Hamilton, (SSLance)

"I offered up my car (and left knee) to be a test mule for the SSM clutch pedal and I want to thank Bernie for coming up with this idea. I LOVE it!! I've been driving around with it now since last Saturday and it just makes the car so much nicer to drive...especially in traffic and at stop lights."

Doug Lutes, (sicmonte)

I helped Doug with his build day as the G-Body dream-team installed his engine, transmission, rear axle, front and rear suspension kits, and of course, the SSM clutch pedal kit. This is me under the dash finishing up the pedal install. I've spent my fair share of time in that position, so make sure you read the Installation Instructions for tips on how to make it go a little easier!

Dale Keller

Project - Zack's '78 Chevy Malibu G body with 350 chevy V8, T56 from a '94 Camaro 350, Ford 9 inch rear axle. Installed a '94 camaro clutch master & slave cylinder and bolted the master cylinder to the firewall. This work was preformed by my Grandson Zack with help from his Twin brother Jake. All work was done on jack stands in the driveway. At 81, all I could do was offer advice. Once completed it took two men and a boy to compress the clutch pedal, hard to drive in traffic. Looked around the internet and found your kit. I ordered your kit for the f-body master cylinder on Friday, received on Monday, installed on Tuesday. Easy installation, everything bolted right in. After we completed the install, the clutch compressed with such little effort we assumed that something was not connected. After checking all bolts, all was hooked up. To compress the clutch now is a pleasure instead of a chore. Thanks for taking the time to develop this kit. Driving is fun again, no problem with power shifts. The whole system is holding up well under many hard runs. Many Thanks for a mighty fine easy install kit and fast shipping. I hope you get rich and famous.

Valentin Ramirez

"The 3rd gen F-body hydraulic clutch set up worked just fine with your kit. The bracket and pedal fit perfect and made the pedal pressure so light it was like night and day from the F-body pedal I had before. As I had said before, I had broke 2 master cylinders pushrods due to the odd angle and now I know with this kit it would not be a problem again."