Clutch System Plumbing

Clutch Hydraulic Plumbing The SickSpeedMonte hydraulic clutch pedal conversion kits are offered with several adapter fittings and a standard hydraulic hose, allowing you to adapt either the F-body or the Universal master cylinders to just about any slave cylinder or transmission.  The hydraulic hose uses -4 AN (Army-Navy flare fittings, no pipe tape or paste […]

Frequently-Asked Questions

Will you sell just the pedal, or just the bracket? My answer to this has always been, “Unfortunately, no.” The reason is that my kit is designed as a system. Without the bracket, the pedal doesn’t work. Without the pedal, the bracket doesn’t work. The geometry of my system is different than anything else that’s […]

SickSpeedMonte Clutch Pedal Installation

Step 1 Remove the nuts that secure the brake master cylinder to the brake booster but leave the master in place. Remove the pin securing the brake pushrod to the brake pedal but do not disconnect the pushrod. This is made easier by first removing the small dash panel below the steering column. There is […]

What’s Going On at PTP?

SickSpeedMonte Autocross

I am so insanely excited about the current project.  This has been an idea that I have had for well over a decade and the time is finally right to pull the trigger and make it a reality.  I am finally going to address the fundamental shortcomings of the G-body rear suspension and I’m going […]