SSM Clutch Pedal Kit (Designed for Universal Master Cylinders)


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A G-Body hydraulic clutch pedal setup that feels like an OEM vehicle.


About the Kit

Pedal Force SimulationThis SSM Clutch Pedal design is unlike anything else available on the market. The other pedals mount the clutch master cylinder on your firewall. Simply put, the stock G-Body firewall is not designed to locate or support a clutch master cylinder. It ends up in the wrong spot, compromising the geometry of the system. Many who have mounted the master directly to the firewall have reported stress cracks as well. My design relocates the master cylinder to optimize the kinematics of the linkage. It also supports it from the same area that your brake master cylinder is supported while spreading out the force and reducing stress on the firewall to an acceptable level.

Sure, you can buy a clutch pedal for cheaper elsewhere. But the pedal will take twice as much peak force to depress and closer to three times as much force to hold all of the way down. My setup has to cost more because I provide a bracket to correctly locate the master cylinder (which actually costs more and takes longer to fabricate than the pedal itself). I want your clutch pedal to be something you don’t have to think about, not something that detracts from enjoying the car.

This second version of the SSM Pedal kit is for aftermarket master cylinders. It takes the proven geometry of The Original SSM Clutch Pedal Kit (which uses an F-Body master) and gives the added benefit of a more robust and adjustable clutch master cylinder. It is no longer necessary to purchase an expensive aftermarket F-body master cylinder, which is most often a universal master cylinder (from Tilton or Wilwood) with a custom-machined adapter block. Now you can skip the expense of adapting the master to F-body specs, and bolt it directly to the SSM master bracket for your G-body.

Aftermarket masters are sometimes necessary for demanding conditions such as racing or when upgraded clutch pressure plates are used. They are available with a variety of bore diameters to satisfy any fluid displacement requirements and they can be rebuilt. The pushrod is threaded, and so it’s adjustable, allowing you to set the release point of the clutch exactly where you want it.

The kit includes:

  • Clutch Pedal. (Re-use your stock brake pedal. Simply cut down the foot pad.)
  • Master Cylinder Mounting Bracket. This bracket mounts the clutch master cylinder so that the pedal geometry is uncompromised. It supports industry-standard universal master cylinders described above, which are sold separately.
  • Both of the above items powder coated satin black.
  • A pair of rubber pedal pads
  • A pushrod boot to keep hot engine bay air from entering the cabin
  • One pair of pedal pivot bushings with a pinch sleeve. The clutch pedal pivots exactly like your stock brake pedal. Replacements can be found at any parts store.
  • Pushrod assembly, including rod end, jamb nuts, and coupler to attach to the master cylinder and provide the correct length with the ability to fine-tune for the desired pedal release point.
  • Grade 8 hardware to mount clutch pedal and brake pedal on the existing brake pedal bracket, to mount the pushrod to the pedal, and to mount the clutch master cylinder.
  • Install instructions and information on placement of a hole to allow the pushrod to pass through the firewall can be found here.

What Else is Needed?

To complete the install, you will need a master cylinder with a remote reservoir and a hydraulic line.  To connect the -4 AN hydraulic line that we offer to the Tilton master cylinder, you will need the -4 to -3 adapter.  You likely will also need an adapter for the slave cylinder end of the hose as well, depending on what slave cylinder you use.

We also offer a clutch pedal safety switch that will disable the starter motor unless the clutch pedal is depressed.

For any questions, you can contact me via email at bernie [at]

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Weight 6.2 lbs