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Trans Mount Adapter for ZF S6-40 C4 Corvette Transmission


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A bracket that mounts a normal trans mount to a Corvette ZF 6-speed


This adapter allows you to mount an (included) Energy Suspension polyurethane transmission mount to a C4 Corvette ZF 6 speed using the same provisions that the factory used to support the transmission with the C-Beam.
In the Corvette, the tailshaft of this transmission is supported by a C-beam that connects to the rear differential housing. While speaking with Bill Boudreau of ZF Doc fame, I learned how important the mounting arrangement to the ZF transmission was. The ribs cast into the transmission housing serve to transmit forces, especially the oscillatory forces associated with noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH), to the mounting points. The ribs increase the stiffness of the housing along those load paths, thereby avoiding resonances that could be felt by the vehicle occupants. So in short, it’s important to mount the transmission in the same manner that the GM engineers did. The Pro-Touring Products ZF S6-40 transmission mount adapter replicates the C-beam interface and also provides an adjustable pad to mount a conventional elastomer transmission mount to.

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Weight 2.504 lbs